Todays meditation word: Able



What am I able to do?

Sometimes, it seems to me, we focus too much on what we can’t do. We look at others doing this job, or living that lifestyle, and we wish we were able to do that.

In other words, we compare ourselves to others, and find ourselves less able.

But we are all, in our own individual ways, able to do things that others are not – we all have our own abilities.

When we build a robot, we give it the abilities it needs for the job it is made to do, and nothing else.

We don’t build an assembly line robot to be able to navigate with GPS technology – why would we?

But we humans are created differently. We are not built for just one specific mankind defined task and then to be thrown away.

But in one way we are like that robot – we are perfectly designed for the task that we have to do – it’s just that our task is different on magnitude. And so, we have been given the abilities we need to do all of those tasks.

And so we are able to work on a factory line, navigate our way around the world, talk with other people, have relationships, play games – and we can choose to change the things we do as we wish.

We all have unique abilities, without exception.

Some people have a particular ability in spades – they excel at this area to the astonishment of all around them. But for most of us, we are able to do a lot of different things, although maybe not to the excess seen in the geniuses among us.

But we can do many things that take ability – work at a job, look after a house, care for a sick relative – all of these take talent. But so too, do other, less obvious things – being a good listener, a good companion, a good friend – all of these are abilities that we can have that we don’t really see. Only those who need to talk, need a companion or a good friend really see that ability.

We are all able to do our best one day at a time.


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