Todays Meditation word: Power



Where does our power come from?

I can list so many things I’m powerless over – the weather, world politics, what my grown up son eats for breakfast. I’m powerless over the price of gas, and the direction the wind blows. I’m powerless over my upbringing, over anything that has happened in the past. I’m powerless over other people’s reactions to me and to what I say and do.

So, for all that, am I totally powerless over everything?

Are we all totally hopeless, just having to accept being tossed around in the world without doing anything?

I think the point it that we do have some power – we have the power of our minds and souls and spirit. We are the sum of all our past experiences, good and bad, and we can call on those experiences to control what we can control.

I do not have power over the weather, but I do have the power to wear appropriate clothes for the current conditions.

I cannot control world politics, but I have the power to vote, to express my opinion, and to speak out about injustices in politics.

I have to power to use what I learn from my upbringing when I help others, including my own children.

But actually, I have more power than even those things, because I am the only person with my own set of experiences – my own set of powers.

When I was young I read comics with heroes who had Super Powers. What is a super power? It is a power that no one else has. And in that case we ALL have super powers.

We all have a power that is unique to us, made up of our unique abilities and experiences.

Because they are different, they can appear to be non-existent. We may say – well I can’t do x, y or z, so I must be weak and hopeless. But actually, because we are all different it is the powers that I do have – not those I don’t, that we can use to the best of our ability.

We are full of Power – we may not be able to stop the rain, but we have the power to enjoy walking in it.


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