Today’s Meditation word: Light



Just as a flower will grow towards the sunshine, so we too have a natural affinity with the light.

Actual light levels have a dramatic effect on our moods. Many of us can more easily fall into depression in the winter months, regardless of the other variables in our life. We find we can be more productive with brighter days, and want to hide inside more when there is less light.

When the day is bright and sunny – even in winter when that combination also comes with severe cold – it is easier to be positive.

How different from dull winter days. Sometimes the clouds are thick and day break doesn’t seem to happen at all – the most one can see is a slight lightening of the gloom. On days like these, it can seem that the whole world is gloom, and being positive is really hard work.

But it is not just the physical light that we get from the sun that makes a difference to us – it can also be the light that we see in a loved one’s eyes; the warm light of friendship; the light that we sometimes find in quietness and meditation.

Just as the extra rays of the sun improves our physical mood, so does the light we can’t see with our eyes improve our spiritual being.

When we are depressed the smile of a friend can be like the sun breaking through the clouds in the effect it has. Suddenly, there seems some point on going on – some lightening of the mood.

And sometimes – rarely, but often enough to be memorable – we can see the light of the spirit when we sit in meditation.

At these times we can feel the connection coming in loud and strong, and the light seems to enfold and surround us.

May light surround you today, whatever the weather.


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