Todays Meditation word: Confidence



Confidence is a two-edged sword; having too much or too little are both dangerous things.

On the one hand, having too little confidence stops us from really achieving happiness in our lives. How many of us have put up with a situation we knew to be unacceptable, just because we lacked the self-confidence to change it.

A lot of us do this – we stay at a job we don’t like because we do not have the confidence to strike out in a new direction, or we stay in our home town not because we like it, but because we don’t have the confidence to try something new.

When we have a goal, and a plan to achieve it, it is often only the lack of confidence to truly follow that path that stops us from reaching the object that we desire.

And yet having too much confidence can also be destructive, if that confidence is misplaced or ill-founded.

We have often met people who are totally confidence that their way is right and proper, and so they pursued it to their full power – and yet that faith was misplaced, and the end result is misery and failure.

How many people have pursued a career to the detriment of their family life, in the confident belief that it would bring them fulfillment, only to find that they have money which cannot buy them the family they really desire.

Or those that have given up a calling because they were not confident they were good enough, only to become miserable and unfulfilled, because they never tried to follow their ambition.

All of these and more show the dangers of too much or too little confidence – and yet we know that we must have the right amount of confidence to be fully happy; what is the solution?

Firstly, we need the confidence to pursue our hearts desire. We can listen to others opinions, but in the end the only way to be complete human beings is to follow our hearts to wherever they lead. It is only by following our serenity that we can ever find our true place in life.

But also, we need to have confidence in ourselves to know that, even though we may make a mistake that does not mean we are a mistake. We need the confidence to be wrong, and to bounce back from that wrongness.

Because the road to fulfillment is just that – a road, a journey – let us face today’s journey with confidence.


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