Todays Meditation word: Above


We tend to think of “above” as not just a physical statement relating to height above sea level, but also as a metaphor.

Political leaders, those with money and power, opinion formers – all of these, society can put above the average person. Even in countries that espouse equality, some are more equal than others in terms of opportunities and power.

But in our own universe, we can also look up to other people who we perceive as being above us. Many of us are conditioned to think of ourselves as less than, or below other people. And even when we see that others have their own problems too, we often cling to our “below-ness” as another way of beating ourselves up.

But maybe we can aspire to “above” too. Not the worldly success that puts one person above another, but the place where we put ourselves above the day-to-day struggles of our everyday world.

Are we doomed by our current situation to view all those “others” as above us and ourselves in a lowly subservient position? Or is it possible to rise above the daily grind to something better? To accept the conditions as we find them, but work to find a better place?

This seems to be a good and worthwhile place to strive for.

We have to take the physical actions we need each day to continue to look after our physical body. But is there not also something of the joy of existence that we can seek out?

Every day, even as we go about our routine activities, we can look above the surface of what we are doing, and seek to look at what we can do, not at what we cannot.

We will always be defeated if we look down at the earth and see only what is below us.

But our souls can sour when we look up and see the far horizon.

Because, regardless of what there may be below us, above us the only limit is our imagining.


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