July 24 Daily Meditation Writing: Delight

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To delight in something or someone is one of the great treasures we can find in life.

It is more than just liking, more that just finding pleasure – it is a far more fundamental feeling, and one that can move us to our very soul.

Sometimes we do things out of a sense of duty, and that can bring us satisfaction in the knowledge that we have “done good”, even if we have not particularly enjoyed it.

Sometimes we can find a great deal of pleasure in something, and really enjoy what we are doing, but find that it is not substantial, it does not bring us long-lasting joy.

It is the same with people – we know lots of people we can have fun with, and those with whom we share a common interest, but then there are some who we just delight in being around, whatever is happening.

For when we delight in doing something, we find pleasure in the very activity itself – it is not done grudgingly or from a sense of duty.

Nor do we do something because we think we will get a reward for it, or in someway look good.

In particular, we often delight in doing things for those we truly love, simply because of the pleasure it will give them.

Because our delight in something is not necessarily related to the amount of effort exerted.

A single flower, collected for us a loved one, brings us more delight than the most expensive bouquet of flowers.

The simple act of listening to someone pour out their problems can bring us a feeling of delight that we are trusted.

And those of us lucky enough to have found a vocation that we can truly delight in know the deep sense of contentment that comes from following our hearts desire.

Pleasure is good; doing one’s duty is good; being kind to others is wonderful.

But finding delight in what we do and who we are – that is the most precious prize.


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