July 26 Daily Meditation Writing: Blessed

You are reading the ongoing writing process for a new book of daily reflections/meditations. Already published by this author is “Cast A Long Shadow”, 90 daily reading for our journey through life. This book is now available as a Kindle e-book, (you don’t need to have a Kindle to download and read it on your computer) as well as still being available direct from the publisher, on Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukand other Amazon European sites


We are all blessed with so much – although sometimes it is hard to believe it.

There have been times in my life where all I could see were my worries – there did not seem to be a spark of light anywhere that would help relieve the gloom.

I am sure most of us have had times in our lives like that – times when all seems hopeless and pointless; and what is worse, there does not seem to be any change possible.

At these times it is hard to remember that we are blessed, but even in the darkest of times, it is possible to find it.

Because we are blessed, maybe not always by the thing right in front of us, but everything we do, and every hurdle we overcome, is a part of our journey.

I have sometimes had to remind myself that I can be blessed just by the fact that “this too shall pass”.

It may be unfeeling and unhelpful to tell a person that is grieving a loss, or is ill or mentally exhausted that they are blessed.

Even if true, it can be a hard thing to hear at such times, and can make us even more depressed to think that others do not really see our pain.

It is more that we need to know this individually – know in our heart of hearts that we are blessed, even at this moment.

I know from my own experience and that of others who have confided in me that even the darkest moments when looked back on can be seen to provide a blessing.

We may have had a painful lesson – but as long as we learned from it, the lesson was itself a blessing.

Or we may have lost someone dear to us, and can see no blessing in it – but then it may be that the experience of knowing that person for the time that we did was the blessing, leaving us a lot further on our path than we were.

If we look at what we don;t have, or what we have lost, we will always feel discouraged by life.

But if we look for the blessing we will find it, and this will speed us on our way, if not happy, at least content that the world really is as it should be, right now.


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