August 11 Daily Meditation Writing: Speculation

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I really think that more harm is done by speculation as by outright lies and gossip.

In our news organizations there is always much speculation about what may or may not happen – what policy may or may not be implemented.

Whilst some of this talking about what might happen is reasonable, it is often taken to extreme lengths, and becomes a feeding frenzy, rather than a rational discussion.

But it is not just in that arena that speculation is rife; in our personal lives we fall pray to damaging speculation too.

Of course, to look at all the options, and to take into account what may happen in the future when making a decision is a good thing to do.

We can even speculate reasonably that if X happened, then Y may be the outcome, but not if we did Z.

It is where the speculation becomes a thing in its own right that we can start to get into trouble.

When we are unable to settle on one thing, because there are so many other things that we could speculate about, it becomes not a reasonable look into the future, but just another means of procrastination.

When we hear about the actions of someone else, and start to speculate on their motives, we can be in a vary dangerous area.

Not only can we never fully know the motives of other people, we are more than likely to project our own feelings about that person.

If we already dislike them, we will assume their motives to be bad, and in that light the speculation can go off the scale.

Once we have “proved” through our speculation the bad motives of someone, all of their actions will be seen in this light, even the best of them. Equally, if we have speculated about motives of someone we like, we may give them too much leniency, and not call them on things that should be spoken about.

It is better to deal in the realm of knowledge and feelings, rather than speculation, which will always prove to be wrong.



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