September 2 Daily Meditation Writing: Single

You are reading the ongoing writing process for a new book of daily reflections/meditations. Already published by this author is “Cast A Long Shadow”, 90 daily reading for our journey through life. This book is now available as a Kindle e-book, (you don’t need to have a Kindle to download and read it on your computer) as well as still being available direct from the publisher, on and other Amazon European sites


There is only one of you.

There is only one of me.

All of us are single individuals – and that is both the strength and weakness of us all.

As a race, Humans gain great strength from our “singleness”.

From such great variety comes all the good – and bad – that Humans are capable of.

Humans have prospered and spread all over the globe because we all have unique talents that others do not – so together we can achieve more than one single person working alone could do.

Our differences – our singularity – have helps us all become more able to live – some of us have provided ideas for technology changes; some have put those improvements to work; still others have used them to create resources for us all to use.

So this singleness has been of great benefit to the human race as a whole – we would not be where we are now if we were all the same.

The obverse of this singleness is that we can all feel very alone at times.

This can have the effect of making us believe that no one else is important – that we are the center of the universe, and so what we want to happen should happen.

But when we do that, the results can be some of the worse things that mankind can do to itself.

Wars and atrocities start when people believe themselves to be different – to be single and not connected to the rest of humanity.

On a more personal scale, we can take this singleness into ourselves, and hide from the world.

When we do this, our world contracts to the inside of our own heads – and that is a dangerous place to be alone.

So the singleness of each of us can be both a blessing and a curse – can make us a bone to humanity, or a drain on it.

But for most of us, most of the time, we just try to keep a balance; to strive to accentuate the positives that we alone have, but to remember that we part of the human race, not single from it.


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