Sometimes, being a grown-up is hard.

There are times in our lives when we just want the world to stop. We have too many commitments, too many things we need to do, and too many demands on us. Wouldn’t it be nice, we sometimes think, if we didn’t have to be a grown-up today?

But part of being an adult is about self-care. As well as taking care of our responsibilities, it’s important to have down time too. We can be so busy “doing” that we forget to just “be.” It is OK to stop and enjoy a sunset, or to take a longer route to your destination so as to see a field of flowers blowing in the wind. We may have to plan like an adult, but we can giggle like a child too

For today, let me remember that part of being a grown-up is letting myself be child-like.


“I’ve seen bad, and this isn’t it.”


We all have a different perspective on life, but it is a very human trait to think that what we are going through is Unique and Different and Special. Many of us struggle with issues and with our reactions to them. We can believe that no one else feels the things we do or acts the way we feel compelled to. Yet living this life one day at a time shows us that we all have our struggles and our successes; all of them unique, but all of them the same.


When we are tempted to throw up our hands in horror and say “I can’t go through with this,: it’s helpful to remember that we have been here before, probably many times. That work assignment you just knew would be too much for you, but you managed it anyway. That bad habit you had that was stronger than you, which you defeated.


Not everything that is happening is The Best or The Worst, sometimes, in fact, mostly, it’s just life. , and when I feel that I’m at the end of my tether, and I can’t go on, it’s helpful to remember that I’ve seen bad – and this isn’t it.


Today’s Meditation: Remember that this is not the final, just a stage that I need to go through.


Today’s Action: I will write down 10 things that were hard, but that I did anyway. I will take pride in my achievements.

“Better bend than break” (Scottish Proverb)

With this saying, we are confronted with the thought of “surrender.”

That word has such a negative connotation, it has the undertone of giving in when we should be fighting on. But I think that as with much that I have learned in life, the key is the balance we strike. This proverb tells me that it’s better to bend against insurmountable odds than be broken by them, but it also teaches me that I can apply the same thing to the everyday issues of my life.

I’m reminded of when I started going to the gym. I came late in life to doing this, and it was after I’d lost a lot of weight and I’d decided that it was time to try to tone up. The staff there and the other clients were helpful, but my ego wanted to kill me. I worked out on the weights machines, and every time I got to one the weight the last person used were a lot more than I used. Every. Single. Time. My ego wanted me, not just to use those weights, but to add to them. If I had done that, pretty soon I’d have been broken. Either I’d have given up because I was so discouraged at being unable to do it, or I’d have hurt myself in the attempt.

And yet, who am I really competing against? If I press 55 pounds and the people before after me press 155, so what? It does not define who I am, and it is better to do what I can than nothing at all. I have to bend to the inevitable that I will start small and work up to other things.

Today’s Meditation: I am not broken by the wind if I bend with it.

Today’s Action: I will recognize where I am resistant to the wind of change, and consciously go with the flow.