“I’ve seen bad, and this isn’t it.”


We all have a different perspective on life, but it is a very human trait to think that what we are going through is Unique and Different and Special. Many of us struggle with issues and with our reactions to them. We can believe that no one else feels the things we do or acts the way we feel compelled to. Yet living this life one day at a time shows us that we all have our struggles and our successes; all of them unique, but all of them the same.


When we are tempted to throw up our hands in horror and say “I can’t go through with this,: it’s helpful to remember that we have been here before, probably many times. That work assignment you just knew would be too much for you, but you managed it anyway. That bad habit you had that was stronger than you, which you defeated.


Not everything that is happening is The Best or The Worst, sometimes, in fact, mostly, it’s just life. , and when I feel that I’m at the end of my tether, and I can’t go on, it’s helpful to remember that I’ve seen bad – and this isn’t it.


Today’s Meditation: Remember that this is not the final, just a stage that I need to go through.


Today’s Action: I will write down 10 things that were hard, but that I did anyway. I will take pride in my achievements.


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