“Assume can make an ass out of u and me” (saying).

We have to assume that tomorrow the sun will rise, that electricity will work when we turn it on, and that water will flow downhill. These are assumptions, but they are reasonable ones because the alternative would be a paralysis of indecision.


But there are the assumptions we make about ourselves and others, and these can lead to difficulties.


We met a stranger and based on the flimsiest of information, made assumptions about their character and who they are. To some extent this is inevitable, we have a human need to categorize people that we meet as friend or foe, colleague or adversary, supporter or detractor.


But it is important to remember that this is just an assumption, not fact. We have to be able to change that assumption as more is known, to give ourselves the opportunity to learn how our assumption may be wrong.


Today’s Meditation: What am I assuming I know, without even realizing it is an assumption?


Today’s Action: Today I will not take for granted that I know the answer to everything, but will test at least one assumption I have made.


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