“The past is a foreign country” (L. P. Hartley)

It’s easy for us to dwell on the past, rather than live in the present.


We may think of happy times and want to live again in those simpler, long gone days. Or the memories are sad or painful ones. We may think about someone who abused us, or occasions when we hurt others. We wonder what we could have done or said to avoid the hurt, or what we did to provoke the abuse.


We need to realize these things happened in a different time and to other people; the past is, indeed, a foreign country in that sense.


But we should not try to expunge the past either. Memories of past mistakes can help us grow into better people today. When times are hard, we can use the happy memories of the past to encourage us that things can get better.


Today’s Meditation: Are there parts of the past that I am trying to live today?


Today’s Action: I will list ten ways that I am different from the me I remember in the past.


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