“Remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.”

You are unique, no one has your set of life experiences, feelings, and genetics. At the same time, you are just the same as everyone else, especially those who share your geographical and cultural heritage.


To the casual observer, your life will look the same as countless other people who share your gender and general physical makeup. From inside, however, your own experiences will have created a world that is different from anyone else’s.


This is a great concept we need to remember. We don’t have an objective reality, and the world we live in is experienced through the filter of our own experiences and assumptions.


We all live in our own universe, at the same time as being in the world of others.


Today’s Meditation: In my quiet time I will consider the things that make me uniquely the same as everyone else.


Today’s Action: I will not be afraid to show my unique qualities today, while also acknowledging the uniqueness of others.


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