“Contentment is the only real wealth”

Being content may sound like choosing second best.

We may strive to be happy and to see the best in everything, but sometimes even our best decisions don’t help us be happy, and sometimes the death of a loved one or the ending of a relationship, even the loss of some object that we valued, makes us sad.

Contentment may seem a quiet thing, something that comes along on us without our knowledge, but in reality, it too is something for which we can strive. If we are content within ourselves, we can carry on and push through temporary hurt or failure. So how do we get contentment in our lives?

One way is through acknowledging things for which we can be thankful. We tend to forget how much we have, and remembering these can help us. Another source of contentment is to do worthwhile things, to know that we have done something as well as we could, or that we have helped someone or been or service to them.

Today’s Meditation: Contentment requires balance.

Today’s Action: Today I will make a list of things that are right with the world and with me.


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