We learn from our OWN mistakes.

When we see someone hurting themselves by their choices, we want to help them for their own good. This instinct is, of course, an excellent one. To be a place where they can share in safety, or to offer suggestions of things that might help them, are wonderful kind things to do for a friend or loved one.

But the truth is that, as humans, we often need to make our own mistakes before we know better. No matter how “right” we are, or how “wrong” someone else is, we can’t control them.

Once we realize that we cannot make them take our advice, no matter how good it is, we can leave them in peace to make their own way in the world. What we can do is trust that they are exactly where they need to be right now, and let them go with love.


Today’s Meditation: What lessons have I learned from past mistakes?


Today’s Action: I will list the steps I can take to let others make their own mistakes safely.


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